MM Ingredients

Supplier of specialist gelatines and other ingredients

  • Buy in small, large or bespoke quantities
  • Personal service from a small, independent company
  • Approachable, friendly management, happy to answer your queries

We sell:

Pork Gelatine, Beef Gelatine, 

 Fish Gelatine and 

Hydrolysed Collagen  in various strengths and weights.


For confectionary and general cooking – 240 bloom Beef and Pork gelatine and 150 bloom Fish gelatine,

For special effects make-up & ballistics testing – 300 bloom pork gelatine

NB – The strength of Gelatine powder is measured in a unit called a ‘bloom’, with 300 bloom been the strongest.


Gavin - MM Ingredients

Gavin – MM Ingredients

Sorbitol liquid 

Glucose liquid,

Dextrose powder,


Egg white powder,

Cocoa butter,

Glucose powder 38de.

We can supply our products in larger quantities than we list, so please e-mail us if you have any special requests.

Payment options:

You can choose to pay with either credit or debit card via Worldpay, or via Paypal, or you can pay via bank transfer

Orders over £100 in value are postage free (UK Only).

We also post to the EU and worldwide – select your country when you order. Please take a look at our postage page for more information on EU and  international deliveries.

NB: If you are ordering from outside the UK, we are unable to send  out any Sorbitol or Glycerine, due to international restrictions on the carrying of liquids.

Have a look at the following site: to see how some of our ingredients get used to make Marshmallows and Nougat