Leaf Gelatine

Leaf Gelatine

Bronze beef Gelatine sheets

Beef Gelatine sheets

A special form of gelatine is known as Leaf gelatine, also known as sheet gelatine. It is used in the home, in cooking, in bakeries, confectionery shops and butcher’s shops, in catering and for other non-industrial applications.

The gelatine is cut into squares and has a netlike pattern that is a result of the production process. At first glance, this and the elasticity of the sheets make sheet gelatine look more like an artwork.

The great advantage of sheet gelatine is that it can easily be divided into portions according to recipe instructions and is thus easy to use during cooking.

Sheets result in a clearer, more transparent final product than powder.

Gelatine sheets come in four separate grades, which are bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Each grade is associated with various “bloom strengths,” or their ability to set a gel. This means that gram for gram, platinum will set a stronger gel than gold, silver a stronger gel than bronze, etc.

The bloom strength for each grade is:

  • Bronze: 125-135
  • Silver: 160
  • Gold: 190-220
  • Platinum: 235-265

To compensate for the fact that one sheet has a higher bloom strength than another; each grade of gelatine has a different weight, making their overall ability to set a gel, more or less equal. For example:

  • Bronze: 3.3g
  • Silver 2.5g
  • Gold: 2.0g
  • Platinum: 1.7g

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