Pork Gelatine 300 Bloom

Pork Gelatine 300 Bloom

This is the highest quality Pork Gelatine 300 bloom.The strength of gelatine is measured in “Bloom” starting at about 90 bloom. The gelatine (gelatin) sold in supermarkets is usually about 120 bloom, so at 300 bloom this is the strongest Gelatine’s that you can get.

A pile of pork gelatine 300 bloom

Although this is a food grade gelatine, please look at the 240 bloom gelatine if you are using it for confectionery or a food application.

This Gelatine is perfect for special effects make-up, ballistics testing, and also for Prosthetics.

Make sure that you “bloom” the gelatine before using it. This means soaking the gelatine granules in three to four times it’s own weight in a cold liquid, this could be water or juice. leave to stand for a minimum of 30 mins, and then heat over a double boiler.

Do not allow the liquid to boil as this destroys the strength of the gelatine.

All our powdered Gelatines (other than 5Kg’s) are now supplied in resealable pouches for optimum freshness.