Glucose Syrup

Glucose Liquid 1Kg

Glucose liquid 1Kg



Glucose syrup, enhances the flavour and volume of certain foods. It prevents sugar from crystallising and is therefore used in the sweet and confectionery industries. It is a product that improves the colour, texture, flavour and stability of many foods. It is therefore useful in a variety of products such as beverages (both alcoholic and otherwise), confectionery and dairy products. It is used to sweeten jams and jellies and as a medium for cough medication and vitamin tonics.

The liquid that is used as fake blood in the entertainment industry usually contains glucose syrup. It is both inexpensive and acts as a thickening agent, both of which are essential for fake blood mixtures.

Glucose syrup is used as a replacement for sugar or honey in many recipes that require a lesser degree of sweetness. It is also used in fruit and vegetable conserves and in the production of tomato sauce and ketchup.

Made from maize starch, this is a colourless to yellow liquid syrup . It comes in thick, viscous liquid form. It is commercially manufactured by heating starch with various acids, which produces significant amounts of dextrin. It is less sweet than ordinary sugar.