Sorbitol Liquid

Sorbitol Liquid

Sorbitol Liquid


Sorbitol Liquid  is perfect for use in special effects make-up and prosthetics, where it is used as a plasticizer to increase the flexibility of the gelatine. Sorbitol also adds toughness to the finished product.

Sorbitol is also used to enhance the shelf life of  confectionery products and to create a smoother texture. Sorbitol is especially useful when used in ganaches, fondants, cremes and pralines and ideal, for example, for those seasonal articles which have to be made well in advance.

With most confectionery, the water content – which is responsible for the softness of most masses – gradually evaporates causing the sugar to crystallise. This causes hardness, dryness, cracks, shrinking and discolouration, all of which are undesirable.The addition of a small quantity of Sorbitol liquid can significantly reduce this tendency due to its ability to bind the water molecules and thereby stabilise the mass.

This food grade sorbitol can also be used as a sweetener in home brewing as well as in baked goods.

Sorbitol liquid is also used in modern cosmetics as a humectant and thickener. Sorbitol is used in some toothpastes and mouthwashes.

Sorbitol is suitable for diabetics.

This liquid, non crystallising sorbitol obtained from hydrogenated, partly hydrolysed starch according to the Directive 94/35/EC, Regulations 1333/2008/EC and 724/2013/EC, as amended, and the FCC.

Please note that excessive consumption may cause a laxative effect.

Sorbitol Syrup 70% 500G
CN Code 3824 60 11
CAS No 68425-17-2
E Number E 420 (ii)
Allergens None Present
Nutritional Information Average Values per 100g Energy (kcal) 169 Energy (kj) 704 Carbohydrates 70g Nutrients polyols 70g Sodium 0.01mg Calcium 5mg Iron 0.2mg Water 29,7g
Dietary Information Certified suitable for: Halal Kosher Vegan Vegetarian

GMO-Declaration: We confirm that this product does not contain any ingredient, additive or flavour extracted or derived from genetically modified organisms. Therefore, no additional specific GMO labelling is required according to the current European regulation.