Hydrolysed Collagen 5kg

Hydrolysed Collagen 5kg


Nutrition Supplement – contains high quality natural protein.

Product Description

Hydrolysed Collagen 5kg

Hydrolysed Collagen 5Kg is a serious size of pack for those serious about supplementing their diet with a high quality protein.

Based on the recommendation on the website of the Gelatine Manufacturers of Europe, which is 10g/adult/day, this pack will last you well over a year!

It’s solubility in cold liquids means that it can be added to fruit juice and smoothies, and as it is odourless and neutral tasting it should be palatable. In addition, it is not known to have allergenic properties, which can only be a good thing!

Hydrolysed Collagen is beneficial as a supplement for diets to support sports enthusiasts and body-builders as it is rich in amino acids and, being similar to the proteins found in human bodies, it is easily absorbed.



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Weight 5.110 kg