A mound of Beef gelatine or gelatin powder

Beef Gelatine 240 Bloom 100g


Supplied in a 100g bag

Product Description

Beef Gelatine 240 bloom 100g

We suggest that order this Beef Gelatine 240 bloom 100g pack if you are planning to try making home-made marshmallows.

This is the gelatine used by Miss Marshmellow to make their delicious Marshmallows.

Miss Marshmellow - Strawberry Marshmallows

Beef gelatine 240 bloom 100g – Miss Marshmellow uses 80g/batch when making Marshmallows

For each batch they use 80g bloomed in 400g of liquid for each batch, so if you are thinking of making your own Marshmallows then this is probably the best size of pack to order.

Sometimes, when marshmallows are made with the powders or sheets available in most supermarkets they fail to set firmly enough, this is often because the gelatine is of a lower ‘bloom’ value (say 120 bloom). if you have experienced this then it would be worth trying again with our 240 bloom gelatine.

If you do make some Marshmallows using our gelatine then we would love to see a photo of them, and, if possible, use your photo on our website.

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