A bag of Chicken gelatine !kg

Chicken Gelatine 1Kg


Supplied in a 1Kg stand-up pouch that has a re-sealable press-close strip which allows the pouch to be resealed after the initial opening to preserve the freshness of the product inside.

Product Description

Chicken Gelatine 1Kg

A bag of Chicken gelatine 1kg

Chicken Gelatine 1Kg

Additional Information

Weight 1.020 kg
Country of origin

Both the country of manufacture and the country of origin of the raw materials for this chicken gelatine is Taiwan.

Product Description

Pale straw coloured granular powder for food use. Dissolves in hot water, forming a gel on cooling

Physical Tests

BLOOM 240 – 310 G / @ 6.67%
COLOUR .20 In-house calculation
CLARITY .20 Absorbance units max
*ODOUR & TASTE No offensive taste or odour

Chemical Tests

pH 4-6 1% solution
SULPHUR DIOXIDE < 10 ppm As 1 ppm max Pb 5 ppm max Cd 0.5 ppm max Hg 0.15 ppm max Cr 10 ppm max Cu 30 ppm max Zn 50 ppm max

Microbiological Tests

TOTAL COUNT <1000/g 48 hrs @ 370c TOTAL COLIFORMS Negative/g 48 hrs @ 30°C *SALMONELLA Negative/25g GME *E.COLI Negative/10g 48hrs @ 44.5°C *YEASTS AND MOULDS <50/g 72 hrs @ 30°C ENTEROBACTERIACEAE <10/g 18-24hrs @ 370c

Nutritional Information (Typical analysis)

PROTEIN CONTENT 82 – 88% dry weight
*ASH 2% Furnace 550°C
*MOISTURE 10 – 14% Drying @ 105°C /18hrs
FAT trace
KILOJOULES 1445 per 100 grams
KCAL 340 per 100 grams

Allergen Info

Chicken Gelatine is free from the following Allergens:

Cereals containing gluten and derived products
Nuts and derived products
Milk and derived products.
Peanuts and derived products
Eggs and derived products
Mustard and derived products
Soybeans and derived products
Celery and derived products
Fish and derived products
Sesame seeds and derived products
Crustaceans and derived products
Lupins and derived products
Molluscs and derived products
SO2 is present as naturally occurring. Not added as a preservative.
However this product is packed in a facility that handles both Egg white powder and products that contain SO2