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With its pleasant, clean and sweet, cooling taste, dextrose has been used for years as a sweetener in a wide range of food applications. Dextrose is one of the sweetest of the starch derived sugars. On a scale on which sucrose is assigned a sweetness value of 100, dextrose is rated at 75.

Its sweetness is influenced by a variety of factors such as temperature, acidity, salts, flavoring materials, sweetener concentration and the nature of other sugars present. Contrary to sucrose, dextrose is not subject to the process known as inversion, and therefore its degree of sweetness does not change.

Dextrose and sucrose are often used together to control and balance sweetness and total solids. When they are combined, they exhibit a synergy. At a 40 percent replacement level, for example, the apparent relative sweetness of dextrose could be as high as 90.

Probably the most important use of dextrose is to enhance physiological performance. It  has a high glycemic index resulting in immediate availability  in the bloodstream. When your body detects the dextrose, it immediately releases insulin which allows for quick transport of vital nutrients (creatinine, alanine, carnitine and arginine) into the cells of your body. Research shows that an optimal “dose”  for an athlete after activity is about 60-75 grams. When  combined with creatine or protein in an energy drink, nutrients can be supplied to muscle cells very quickly. This will result in fast recovery after exercise!

Because it is a monosaccharide, dextrose is the ideal carbohydrate source for yeast fermentation in baking and brewing. The fermentation begins immediately and proceeds rapidly. Dextrose provides energy to the cell to produce many by-products in addition to carbodioxide and ethanol. Also, dextrose is used in lactic acid fermentation processes in the pickling and the meat industry.

Additives No additives Chemical name: Dextrose Monohydrate 100%
Nutrition Information Average values per 100g Energy (kcal) 366. Energy (kj) 1556 Carbohydrates 91g of which sugars 91g Water 9g Sodiun 5mg

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