fish gelatine or Fish gelatin

Fish Gelatine 150 Bloom 100G


This can be used as a substitute for beef or pork gelatine.


Product Description

Edible Fish Gelatine

If, for moral or religious reasons, you prefer to avoid pork or beef products, then you might want to consider trying edible fish gelatine as a substitute.

This 100g pack is a great size for experimenting with, to try to get the consistency that you’re aiming for.

Edible Fish Gelatine 100g

Edible fish gelatine 100G

Whilst the ‘bloom’ value is not as high as that of the pork or beef gelatine, which means it won’t set as firmly, it should provide a setting consistency similar to the gelatine that is available in supermarkets and other retail outlets – but we advise experimenting with the set first.

If you find that this product works for you, and you want to buy it in a quantity that you can’t see on our website, then please call or email us and we can give you a price for the quantity that you want.


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