Glucose Syrup 500G



Product Description

Glucose Syrup is produced by the acid/enzyme hydrolysis of starch. It is a clear colourless aqueous syrup with moderate relative sweetness and good humecant properties. It has a neutral odour

Nutritional Data Water: 24g/100g Protein: Nil Fat: Nil Saturated Fat: Nil Cholesterol: Nil Carbohydrate: 77g/100g Starch: Nil Sugars: 43g/100g Fibre: Nil Energy: 306 kcal 1301 kj
Allergy Data Free from all allergens except maize and maize derivatives, and also Sulphur Doixide SO2 (at not less than 10mg/kg and not more than 20mg/kg)
Diet Data This Glucose is suitable for: Coeliacs Halaal Kosher Vegetarians Vegans
Raw Material Corn (maize), Wheat

Additional Information

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