Hydrolysed Collagen 500g

Hydrolysed Collagen 500g


Neutral tasting, odourless and soluble in cold liquid – so ideal for adding to fruit juice and smoothies.

Product Description

Hydrolysed Collagen 500g

If you’re looking for about a 7 week supply, then this Hydrolysed Collagen 500g is the one to go for. (Based on the suggestion on the website of the Gelatine Manufacturers of Europe Association of 10g per adult per day.)

The powder is:

Hydrolysed Collagen 500g

Hydrolysed Collagen 500g

  • a natural protein
  • high quality
  • soluble in cold liquid
  • neutral tasting
  • odourless
  • easily absorbed by the body
  • not known to have an allergenic potential

It  contains amino acids such as: gylcine, proline, alanine and arginine which are beneficial to joints and bones (glycine and proline are vital to the development of joint cartilage), connective tissue, and the immune system.

Although Hydrolysed Collagen is similar to gelatine, it doesn’t form a gel in water.

Energy value: 1445 KJ/100g       340KCal/100g

Over 85% protein with a little water and a only a trace of fat.

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