Marine Collagen 2Kg


Supplied in a 2Kg resealable pouch for optimum freshness.

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Product Description

Marine Collagen 2Kg

  • Marine Collagen 2Kg supplied in a resealable pouch.
  • Very soluble, so great for adding to fruit juice, water, shakes, smoothies, as well as your cereals and porridge.
  • Bio-available protein that is easily digestible.
  • A by product of the Norwegian fishing industry, and is from MSC approved raw materials, from sustainable fishing.
  • From the skins of the North Atlantic wild Cod (Gadus morhua).
  • GMO Free.
  • High in Amino acids.
  • Great if you don’t want your collagen to come from a Beef or Pork source.
  • 100% pure product.

Additional Information


Not recommended for people with Fish or Shellfish allergy. Due to natural content of sulphuric compounds in the raw material – analysis of Sulphites (SO2) may show values > 10ppm. There is no added Sulphur in this Collagen

Country of Origin and Manufacture


GMO Status

This product does not contain and is not produced using any GM ingredients or processing aids and is designated as GMO free according to EU directive 2001/18/CE, Regulation CE 1829/2003 and regulation CE 1830/2004

Typical Nutritional Content

Average Content g/100g
Energy: Kcal: 369. KJ: 1550
Total Solids %: ≥ 92
Protein: ≥ 90
Ash: < 4 Fat:< 1 Salt:< 4 Sodium:< 1.6 ph 10% Solution 5-7

Typical value Amino Acid profile

g/100g protein:
Glycine; 29.24,
Alanine: 10.85,
Hydroxyproline: 7.02,
Proline: 12.19,
Valine: 2.37,
Leucine: 2.93,
Isoleucine: 1.65,
Serine: 7.44,
Threonine: 3.06,
Aspartic acid: 7.44,
Glutamic acid: 11.98,
Methionine: 1.67,
Cystine: <0.006, Tyrosine: 0.77, Phenylalanine: 2.12, Histidine: 1.42, Arginine: 9.77, Lysine: 4.28, Ornithine: <0.05, Tryptophane: 0.06,

Average Molecular Weight

Average molecular weight of this marine collagen is 6 kDa.( kDa is an abbreviation for kilodalton which describes a unit of molecular mass consisting of 1000 daltons and it is the standard unit used to represent the weight of large molecules such as proteins. )