Sorbitol Powder 250g


Product Description

Please note that excessive consumption may cause a laxative effect.

Powdered D-Sorbitol obtained by drying of a highly purified sorbitol syrup, which is obtained from edible starch hydrolysis


(according to Directives 94/35/EC and 2008/60/EC, and the FCC)
Additives We confirm that the products we manufacture do not contain any ingredient, additive or flavour extracted or derived from genetically modified organisms. Therefore, no additional specific GMO labelling is required according to the current European regulation.
Nutrition Information Average nutritional value per 100 gram product (calculated) Energy value : 238 kcal Energy value : 990 kJ Total proteins : 0g Total carbohydrates : 99g Total fat : 0g Fibre : 0g
Dietary Information PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Min Max Typical Unit Method Assay conform sorbitol HPLC D-sorbitol 97 w%w on ds BSCH036 Appearance of solution pass Density 0.62 0.72 kg/dm³ 20°C BSCH014 Moisture (KF) 1.0 % BSCH017 Sulphated Ash 0.1 % BSCH053 Chloride 50 ppm Ph.Eur. (2.4.4) Sulphate 100 ppm BSCH210 Particle size 85%>100 3%>600 μm BSCH103

Additional Information

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