Beef Collagen

Hydrolysed Beef collagen is:

A picture of Beef Collagen powder

Hydrolysed Beef Collagen Powder and a glass of fruit juice.

  • a high quality, natural protein
  • neutral in taste
  • easily absorbed by the body
  • a cream/yellow coloured odourless powder
  • easily soluble in cold liquids
  • not known to have an allergenic potential.

As a valuable source of protein, Hydrolysed Beef Collagen is rich in such amino acids as proline, glycine, alanine, and arginine.

These amino acids:

  • strengthen the immune system by helping to form antibodies
  • regulate oxygen output
  • help to support the health of joints, bones and skin

It is beneficial to

bones and joints,  because it contains large concentrations of the amino acids glycine and proline. Both of these amino acids are vital to the development of joint cartilage, which suffers if joints are subject to great stress.

the connective tissue, ensuring taut and firm skin. When taken orally, the natural protein is absorbed immediately into the bloodstream and transported directly to the various parts of the body where it is used.

those looking for a supplement for sports nutrition; because it is so similar to the proteins found in the human body, it is easily absorbed by the body for use in its processes.

Hydrolysed collagen helps the body to build up proteins because it is made up of amino acids which are essential to human health. The body needs amino acids to maintain its immune system, replace tissue, build up hormones and enzymes, transport oxygen and fats in the body and transmit nerve impulses. Nothing works without proteins. The dominating protein in the human body is collagen represented in all collagenous tissues like skin, bones, joint cartilage etc (70 percent of joint cartilage consists of collagen).

Hydrolysed Collagen is similar to gelatine but doesn’t form a gel. This is a type 1 Collagen

To give you an idea of how much to take:

“Studies have shown that 10 grams of hydrolysed collagen per day are sufficient for adults to enjoy the benefits on joint, bone and skin health.”

This is a quote from the website of the Gelatine Manufacturers of Europe  Association.

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