A close up picture of Beef Gelatine or gelatin powder

Gelatine Powder

What types of Gelatine do we supply?

All are supplied as food grade and in a powdered granular form, in weights from as little as 50g bags all the way up to 5Kg boxes.

All our powdered Gelatines (other than 5Kg’s) are now supplied in resealable pouches for optimum freshness.

Where does our gelatine come from?

  • Our Pork  comes from:Netherlands, Italy, Brazil, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Taiwan. The gelatine may be sourced  from any one, or from a blend of any of the above countries.
  • Our Beef  comes from: Spain, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, India, Netherlands. The origin of the gelatine may vary from batch to batch.
  • Our Fish comes from:Italy
  • Our Chicken  comes from: Taiwan
  • Our Hydrolysed Collagen comes from: Spain
  • Our Marine Collagen from Norway

How much should you use?

Usage level
Dairy Products. 0.2- 1.0%
Gelatine Desserts 7 – 9%
Gummy Bears 7 – 9%
Marshmallows 1.7 – 2.5%
Bakery Fillings and Icings 1 -2%
Meat Products 1 – 5%
Wine, Beer, Juices 0.002 – 0.15%
Frozen Foods 0.1 – 0.5%

Nutritional Info

Energy per 100g is:

  • K.Joules 1445
  • K.cals 340
  • Protein 82-88%

What is gelatine?

  • It is defined as a product obtained by the partial hydrolysis of collagen derived from the skin, white connective tissue and bones of animals.
  • It does not occur freely in nature, and cannot be recovered from horns, hoofs and other non- collagen containing parts of vertebrate animals.
  • It can be used to gel, thicken, stabilize, emulsify and to give a creamy consistency.
  • It is is a natural and healthy food.
  • Due to its versatile properties, the pure protein offers many benefits and plays an important role in today’s food industry.
  • It is a pure, natural protein made from animal raw materials that contain collagen.
  • It consists of 84 to 90 per cent protein and 2 per cent mineral salts, with water making up the rest.
  • It is classified as a foodstuff and, is not a food additive with an E number.
  • Gelatine contains neither preservatives nor other additives and is free of fat, cholesterol and uric acid compounds.
  • In addition, it does not cause any known allergies, is 100 % natural and is cholesterol, purine and fat free.