buy gelatine powder uk

Buy gelatine powder Uk

We supply premium quality Beef , PorkFish  and Chicken  gelatine in different bloom strengths, and weights from 50g to 5Kg

Pork gelatine is supplied in 240 and 300 Bloom.

Beef gelatine is supplied in 240 Bloom, and Fish gelatine is supplied in 150 Bloom, and Chicken gelatine in 280-310 bloom.

300 Bloom  gelatine is great for Prosthetics and special effects make-up, along with the Sorbitol Liquid, Sorbitol powder and Glycerine we  sell.

The 240 Bloom Pork and Beef gelatine are perfect in any recipe containing gelatine, as is the Fish and Chicken gelatine.

All our gelatines are unflavoured.

Buy gelatine powder Uk or Buy gelatin powder Uk

A mound of Gelatine powder

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