Poultry Gelatine

Poultry Gelatine (Chicken) 240- 310 bloom

  • This Poultry gelatine is derived from Chicken.
  • Country  of origin is Taiwan
  • Supplied in various different weights from 50 grams to 5Kg’s
  • It is a straw coloured granular powder for food use
  • This Chicken gelatine is a 240 – 310 bloom gelatine
  • Can be used in any recipe that requires gelatine
  • Except for the 5Kg’s which comes in a box, all the other weights come in resealable stand up pouches, which maintains optimum freshness

For more information on our poultry gelatine and to find out prices please click on the following link: Chicken gelatine

We also supply Beef,  Pork 240 bloom, Pork 300 bloom and Fish gelatine as well as Bronze leaf gelatine and Hydrolysed Collagen

Non gelatine products we stock are: Tara Gum, Egg white powder, Sorbitol Liquid, Glycerine, Glucose syrup in 63DE and 42De, Dextrose powder, Glucose powder 38De and Cocoa butter. All are supplied is different weights.